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Dr. Bryant Is a Pankey Institute Trained Dentist

What does that mean to you? What is the Pankey Institute?

Bryant Dental in Lady Lake FL

The Pankey Institute, in Key Biscayne Florida, is the oldest and most prestigious learning center for dentists founded by the LD Pankey Foundation in 1969.

The mission of the foundation is to improve the health and well being of the world's citizens by helping dentists achieve professional excellence and fulfillment.

Pankey trained dentists learn the true meaning of professionalism.

"Professionalism...which affirms the time honored principle, which places the welfare of the patient above all other considerations. Professionalism requires a commitment to excellence and a dedication to ideals. It is doing what is most appropriate according to each patient's needs, desires, values, and ability to acquire and maintain."

Bryant Dental in Lady Lake FL

Pankey trained dentists learn to put the patients best interest first in terms of long-term health and beauty. They learn to take the time to listen, build trust, examine and plan thoroughly, and help the patient become a partner in understanding and planning their dentistry.

Pankey training is based on the standard of Optimal Oral Healthcare.

What is Optimal Care?

It is care that is PERSONALIZED to the patient's needs, desires, values, and ability to acquire and maintain optimal oral health. And, it's about caring, taking the time to ask quesstions, listenning, examining thoroughly, and planning treatment that takes into account all components of the mouth and their functioning interrelationships.