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Personalized Dentistry at Moderate Fees

What is Personalized Dentistry?

"Personalized dentistry", as we describe it and strive to perform it, is dental care that provides more individualized professional thought, discernment, and discretion for the particular circumstances of the patient. Treatment is more customized, and therefore more efficient and effective. It is dentistry that coordinates wisely with the patient's specific life circumstances, including their expressed desires, values, individual life circumstances and abilities to acquire treatment and maintain their dental health with more comfort, less expense, better quality, and longer lasting results.

Not all dental offices are the same. There are significant differences in the number of patients seen per day, amount of time spent with each patient, clinical performance and attention to detail. This can have a profound effect on longevity and quality of your dental care and ultimately your dental health. Clinical dentistry in the forms of fillings, crowns, root canals, and implants requires an extreme amount of precision and accuracy for health, service, and longevity. Additionally, delivering dental care goes beyond clinical excellence in precision and accuracy. It is also vey much an art linked to the vision, beliefs, values, character, dedication, and passion, (zeal, enthusiasm, vigor) of the Doctor and Team Members of the office.

Personalized Dental Care is about taking the steps and time to ask the right questions, listening, and learning about the patient's individual cdircumstances. Besides their dental circumstacnes, learning their social, economic, family and current life circumstances, including how their dental situation effects their life. Coupled with careful examination and discernment in a non-rushed manner, this in turn willl influence making the wisest choices together- patient and doctor, of the most appropriate treatment options for the patiemt at that time.

What Are Moderate Fees?

We base our fees from the 50th percentile of the National Dental Advisory Service's (NDAS) fee list for this geo zip code. The National Dental Advisory Service (NDAS) is a research group that publishes a yearly report of fees per zip code area. Fee information contained in this report is the result of an analysis of confidential fee surveys. The report is a nationwide marketplace analysis and is deemed reliable. It is considered, by many, to be the "Blue Book" of dentistry, in regards to pricing.

A fee percentile is defined as the number in a frequency distribution below which a certain percentage of fees will fall. For example, for ADA code D0120 Periodic Oral Evaluation, the 70th percentile amount, $54, divides the fee distribution into the lower 70% and the upper 30%. Another way of explaining a percentile, using the same example, is to say that at the 70th percentile, $54, 30% of the dentists in the research are charging more than $54 and 70% of the dentists are charging $54 or less. The 50th percentile (median or middle value) of $54 means that half of the dentists in the research are charging more than $54 and half are charging less than $54.